Showstopping Plant Table

We've recently announced that we are starting our own line of designer mineral paint, perfect for refinishing furniture and decor! We're so excited about this project and hope you visit us often and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with all our goings on as they roll out!

I discovered Dionne Woods of Turquoise Iris over the winter and have been studying her work ever since. She posts the best live videos on Facebook and is SO generous with her knowledge, a true inspiration! PLEASE do yourself a favour and check out her website here, she's a true artist and educator!

I've tried a few other projects following her layering technique, and while the medium we use to create is different than what she uses I was still eager to give it a shot. This table was the first one that turned out well enough share!

First I gave the piece a good spray with water/vinegar in a spray bottle and wiped it down with a clean wet cloth. If the piece is dirty or greasy you won't get a proper adhesion, and then you'll want to follow with a quick scuff with a 220 grit sandpaper, but there's not a lot of other prep that needs to go into it.

Next I hap-hazardly painted a few random spots with our Arrowleaf mineral paint. I only wanted these parts to peek through the layers that were to come but I wanted them to have a great pop!

Once that dried for about half an hour I grabbed the Prickly Pear and again painted the remaining spots on the table all willy-nilly. Some pieces of the wood were still showing, which is great! It will really help give it a worn look once it's done!

The next layer is Lake Monster, I wanted to create a bit of a vignette and with the few subtle colour differences it gives the piece depth and texture without being too obvious.

I mean don't get me wrong, this piece is obvious lol! But the variations in the green give it great depth and texture! I also used the putty knife to gentle lift and scratch up the surface which will help us achieve the distressed look.

When that layer got to about 90% dry I took my handy-dandy water bottle and a lint-free rag and went to town. First to lightly spray (more like mist) the almost-dry paint to re-activate slightly. You don't want to spray so much that it drips, but hell, if that's what you're after then giver!

Working your way along the edges and corners (where most of the wear and tear would naturally occur) gently rub back the paint to reveal the layers beneath. Feel free to rub some parts back right to the wood for that old school distressed look. Then let dry!

Here I did a very light sand to help bring the bottom layers up even more and to smooth out the piece if there are any bumpy bits. Wipe the whole table down after sanding. Then I took a dry brush and lightly dipped the ends in Arrowleaf, wiping off most of the paint on the brush to do a light dry brush over the yellow bits from the first layer. This accentuates the yellow beneath.

This is the fun part!

Grab yourself a putty knife (or drywall trowel in my case here lol), dump a bit of the Rendezvous onto a plate and dip the putty knife slightly into the paint. Swipe and drag the knife across the table. Pay attention to the corners, sides, and up and down the legs. I LOVE THIS DETAIL! It gives every piece a touch of industrial vintage goodness.

I let these layers dry overnight - I wanted SO badly to keep going but I had a screaming toddler hanging off my leg that needed to go home to bed so we had to pack it in and get started again the next morning.

I wanted ONE more layer to finish off the look, and that was our Lapins mineral paint. I used the same trowel/putty knife technique as did with the Rendezvous blue. I just love all the colours at play here!


All those engravings just have to be detailed, don't you think?

I took a thin art brush and used the Arrowleaf paint to get into the engravings then quickly wiped the excess off from the surrounding area so the paint was only in the crevices.


Final step! Dark wax! Now, I've been working on the right recipe for wax, this recipe did not pass the "ease of use" quota so it's back to the drawing board... I still got it to work on this piece and it will cure well but the wax itself is just not ready for market yet. Stay tuned!

Here is the final product though! Click through the gallery to see, and thanks for checking it out!

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